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Private Napa and Sonoma Valley Wine Tour

Make your Napa and Sonoma wine country tour exclusive. This is a one-day private tour to California’s most prestigious wine country from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will visit three boutique wineries with unique terroirs. Experience varietals not available in retail stores. A wine enthusiast guide accompanies the tour, adding insights and their own passionate storytelling each step of the way. All wine tasting fees are included.

Wine tasting at three Napa and Sonoma wineries
All tasting fees included
Free time to explore the historic Sonoma Plaza
Complimentary pickup from any single SF Bay Area location
Live tour guide narration in English
Guide gratuity
Satisfaction guarantee
Built in savings for larger groups

Highlights on this Private Napa and Sonoma Wine Tour

  • Private and flexible 1-day tour includes three wineries
  • Visits both Napa and Sonoma Valleys
  • Flexible pickup location and tour itinerary
  • Fully guided in English
  • The larger the group, the more you save!

Private Napa and Sonoma Tour Details

This private Napa and Sonoma Wine Country tour is the perfect combination of exploration and tasting in California’s Wine Country. Your group will visit and taste at three wineries showing off the distinctive terroirs and vintages that are available exclusively at the winery.

A wine enthusiast guide accompanies your private wine country tour, adding expert insights and a great passion for wine. As we depart, sit back and relax through the golden hills and green pastures as we journey from your San Francisco Bay Area location to the California wine country. The description below is a sample itinerary. Want to customize it? Just let us know what you’d like for your private wine country tour.

We’ll kick things off in the wine country with a visit to a boutique, family-owned winery. The winemakers will proudly describe how they have combined their natural farming methods with traditional wine-making techniques in their wine country appellation.

The Sonoma Valley is perfectly situated in a geographic Goldilocks zone. There's a unique mix of sunshine, cool air from the bays of San Francisco and San Pablo. Everything combines to help the grapes grow plump and produce wine perfection.

By late morning, the group will appreciate the passion that winemakers bring to making their estate-bottled wines the finest, award-winning products that fertile soil and Mother Nature allows. Your camera will capture the unforgettable sights, sounds, and tastes from one of the world’s finest wine-producing regions.

For our lunch break, the tour makes a stop at historic Downtown Sonoma Square which offers a wonderful variety of delightful dining options. After lunch, the group will have time to unwind as it investigates one-of-a-kind art galleries, gourmet food shops, and historical landmarks.

After lunch, we make the climb to a slightly higher and cooler micro-climate where you will learn to appreciate what a difference a few miles make in this diverse grape-growing region. Popular White Zinfandels thrive here. You will enjoy their sweeter, smoother profile and understand how they burst onto the California Wine Country scene a few decades ago.

We will finish the private Napa and Sonoma Wine Country tour on a high note. That's when we visit a winery that exudes Napa Valley charm. The winery is dedicated to celebrating the history of the place and inspirational scenery. The group will relax on a sunny porch overlooking the vineyard.

After finishing up at our third winery, your San Francisco Wine Country Tour will begin our return through golden hills to your group’s San Francisco Bay Area pickup location. But don’t relax too much! A panoramic view of the City by the Bay awaits you (but varies based on pickup location).

Special requests? Want to make changes to the itinerary described here? Have a question? Just ask. Your Extranomical Tours guide is there to help your private tour every step of the way. And please get in touch if you have any specific questions before you book.

You can learn more about California’s Napa and Sonoma wine country tips and guide on our blog.

Why choose us:

Extranomical Tours is the San Francisco Bay Area expert for wine country tours. We look forward to using our extensive relationships with Napa and Sonoma wineries to assemble the perfect private tour to the wine country. We’re so confident that this wine country private tour will amaze—it’s backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Private Napa and Sonoma Wine Tour Tour Itinerary

Private tours groups may request variations to the itinerary. Modifications must be approved in advance. Contact Guest Services at (415) 650-4585 or

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

  • Complimentary pickup at any Bay Area location
  • Relax as you guide prepares the group for its day in the wine country
  • Arrive in the Carneros Region of Sonoma County

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

  • At our first winery, sip wines and learn about the winemaking
  • Stroll the grounds, stopping for group selfies among the vines

12:00 PM – 1:45 PM

  • Arrive in picturesque and historic Sonoma Plaza
  • Enjoy lunch at a charming restaurant (not included)
  • Explore gourmet food shops, boutiques and historic landmarks

1:45 PM – 3:00 PM

  • Enjoy the vineyards and wines at a second family-owned winery

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

  • Cross over to prestigious Napa Valley
  • Visit and taste amazing wines at the last winery of the day

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

  • Relax on the return trip from California’s wine country
  • Get dropped off at your group’s pickup location

Times are approximations. Traffic and unforeseen events can cause delays.  Please do not make travel plans on the same day as your tour

Do you have other ideas for your itinerary? Want to add destinations or special features? Are there accommodations we should know about? Click on the button below to submit a request.

Important Information
Can the tour be scheduled for any day?

Nearly any day. Wineries are generally closed on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check with Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 about availability during holidays.

How long is the tour?

This private tour takes about 9 hours but can vary based on the pickup location and pre-approved changes to the itinerary.

Which wineries are we going to visit?

We visit three wineries, located in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. Our preferred partner wineries are chosen to present the best California Wine Country experience for our clientele. Guides may modify the itinerary based on availability on the tour day. Some variations on the winery schedule may be accommodated and may change tour pricing. Check for Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 for approval in advance of the tour day.

Are wine tasting fees included?

Yes, all wine tasting fees at the three winery experiences are included in the tour price. Pre-approved changes to the itinerary may change the tour price. Contact Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 about your winery requests.

Do we stop at Golden Gate Bridge?

A stop at the Golden Gate Bridge depends on the pickup location and weather conditions (East Bay pickups, for example, would not include a Golden Gate Bridge stop). Check with Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 about your group’s itinerary.

Do you offer this tour in different languages?

If needed, we may be able to organize this private tour in several languages. Contact Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 about your language requirements.

Where is the departure location?

Since this is a private tour, we can pick-up from any single location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our group includes children. Do we need child seats?

Please note that for your child's safety, we cannot allow children under 8 years of age or 4' 9" in height on the tour without a child safety seat or booster seat. If you do not have a safety seat with you, contact our office and we will assist with arrangements.

Can we bring suitcases or other large items?

Generally, we ask that you do not bring anything on tour larger than 22”x14”x9”, or 56cmx36cmx23cm. If your group will not occupy the entire tour vehicle, there may be room. Please check with Guest Services at (415) 357-0700 about arrangements in advance of the tour day.

Does this tour go to Napa?

Yes, we do. The itinerary of visiting Napa Valley AND Sonoma Valley.

Is this a guided tour?

Yes, the tour is guided with an English-speaking guide. There will also be time on your own during the stops.

Are meals included? Can I buy or bring my own?

Meals are not included on this tour. We will stop for about an hour where you can purchase lunch.

What should I wear?

Temperatures vary depending on the season and time of day in the Bay Area, so we recommend that you wear layered clothing in case of unexpectedly climbing or falling temperatures. We do not recommend wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts in the winter. However, we realize that everyone is acclimated to different weather and thus trust you to make your own judgement. For footwear, we recommend comfortable walking shoes, such as regular tennis shoes, sneakers, or boots with rubber soles and treads. In the summer months, hiking sandals can be worn on the tour, but high heels, beach flip-flops, and other open-toed shoes are not recommended.

Private Napa and Sonoma Valley Wine Tour
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