About Discover Dorset Tours

The rural county of Dorset is stunning; the countryside and coast are considered by many to be some of the prettiest and most dramatic in England. Only two hours from London, it offers British and overseas visitors a chance to experience the England of old, unspoilt rolling countryside, small villages and an abundance of wildlife.

And yet…..all too often, visitors find themselves in Bournemouth and then get stuck, either because they have no transport or they are not too sure where to head for. In the summer the roads can get very busy, the car parks are full, and the crowds can be off-putting.

Discover Dorset was set up with the main aim being to help visitors get out and experience the best of this beautiful area. This had to be done in a way that showed visitors all the highlights, and also included some of the places most visitors miss. It should be safe, comfortable, convenient, affordable and at the same time limiting the environmental impact on the area.

The Tours

All our tours have been designed to meet these objectives, and our passengers generally love them. It’s our pleasure to see the obvious delight on the faces of many visitors that the experience of a Discover Dorset tour has brought them.

The tour might get stuck behind a tractor or a herd of cows being driven up a road. You might see a new seam of rock being opened up by quarrymen on the Purbeck hills, or you might feel some connection with our Neolithic ancestors if you take some time to reflect at Stonehenge..

We hope you find the website interesting and it gives you a taste of what to expect.

Many of our tours include walking through the countryside and along the coast. We ensure that all our passengers are made aware of the Countryside Code.

  • Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under close control
  • Consider other people

and the Fossil Code.


  • Help visitors to discover the “real” England and get under the skin of this beautiful country
  • Encourage access to the countryside and the Jurassic Coast whilst minimising the environmental impact
  • Show visitors places they would not normally see or would find difficult to access

Environmental Policy

Discover Dorset Tours is committed to providing sustainable access to the local environment.

Our Philosophy

Discover Dorset Tours’ underlying philosophy is to encourage and assist people to get out and explore the area whilst minimising the environmental impact of their visit. As a company, Discover Dorset Tours and it’s activities are an integral part of the local environment and we recognise this role and the associated responsibilities.

Our Vehicles

Our business model is designed to allow our customers to visit rural and urban locations with a minimal increase in the amount of road traffic, an increasing problem as more people wish to experience the delights of hidden Britain. By travelling in a minibus we can, at the same time, take you to places not accessible by larger coaches and reduce the vehicle impact on those locations.

Collecting fossils

  • The best, and safest, place to look for fossils is on the beach where the sea has washed away soft clay and mud.
  • Do not collect or hammer into the cliffs, fossil features or rocky ledges.
  • Keep collecting to a minimum. Avoid removing in situ fossils, rocks or minerals.
  • The collection of actual specimens should be restricted to those places where there is a plentiful supply.
  • Only collect what you need … leave something for others.
  • Never collect from walls or buildings. Take care not to undermine fences, bridges or other structures.
  • Be considerate and don’t leave a site in an unsightly or dangerous condition.
  • Some landowners do not wish people to collect … please observe notices.

Fossil Code © 2006 Jurassic Coast