Virtual Reality - Fighter Pilot Training

Hold tight and get ready for full immersion! At our arcade VR centre located directly on Tremblant resort, we offer virtual reality games for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the serious gamer.

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Important Information
When should I reserve?

Usually, reservations can be made a few days in advance or even on the day of activity. Although, rainy days, Christmas weeks, school vacation and the "construction weeks" in August tend to be pretty busy. Long period of the days gets full, so we suggest you book ahead.

Can we play multi player games together?

Yes, we have an extensive game library which includes specific games that are designed for private multiplayer sessions. All headsets are linked together, you can play up to 5 players at once!

Can I watch someone play?

Yes, parents and family members can watch on the game station televisions that broadcast what the player is seeing in real time. In high season however we may limit the number of 'spectators' in the center.

Can I play with my glasses?

It depends on the size of your frames. Our VR headsets are adjustable to accommodate certain frame sizes and they have Interpupilary (IPD) adjustment too. Most people do not have a problem seeing clearly.


Learn how to fly an amazing VR fighter jet in a custom made training session (30 minutes). You will learn startup, take off, navigation, maneuvers, basic weapons and landing procedures. After completing the training session you will be ready to tackle more complicated scenarios including dogfighting and multi flight strike missions. This is an extremely immersive but in-depth initial training exercise (not a classic ‘game’) – a must try for aviation enthusiasts. Participants must be able to concentrate and follow interactive instructions while in VR.

Know before you book :

  • 12 years old minimum
  • Not recommended for expectant mothers or for people with epilepsy or with cardiac problems

  • Know before you go:

  • Non alcoholic drinks are available for sale in our VR centre

  • Additional information :

  • Our base is at the Tremblant resort. We are situated less than a 2-hour drive from Montreal and Ottawa.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Best suited for mature teens 12 years+ or older. Two seats available.
  • For guests who choose to reserve in advance (recommended), directions to meeting points will be provided in your reservation by email. Otherwise, directions will be handed to you when you reserve at The Activity Centre.
  • Prices do not include taxes or mandatory resort royalty of 3% and may be subject to change without notice.
  • Virtual Reality - Fighter Pilot Training
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