Rafting & Sportyak - Whitewater - Full-day

Tremblant white water activities on the Rouge River are an unforgettable day of adventure! With its impetuous rapids, thresholds, falls and waves, this activity promises thrills for both novices and guests with rafting experience.

16 km of rafting or sportyaking
Raft or kayak
All equipment
Access to amenities (bar, shower, pool, hot tub, volleyball court, dining room)
Transport from the Rafting centre to the river
Lunch & Diner
Aqua shoes, bathing suit, towels
Important Information
When should I reserve?

A day in advance is sufficient. We have many rafts available but we need to know in advance how many people will use the transport we provide.

Is it safe?

There is an element of risk in all sports and here is how they are minimized: In rafting, security protocols are very strict. You will receive proper equipment, instructions and a guide accompanies you throughout the entire activity. In addition, there are kayakers following you, ready to help you if needed.

Can anyone do this activity?

The main requirement is to know how to swim. Then, depending on the experience you are looking for and the age of the participants, you can chose from our Family, Express or Full-day rafting.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Early in the season it is necessary although once the summer has begun, the water is warm enough to wear only bathing suits with a windbreaker and/or fleece. It is included during the whole season (except the boots (5$), available to rent onsite). You will need a photo ID to do so. Consult our What to wear information page.

When is the lunch served, and what is for lunch?

The Lunch (included in the family rafting and full days) is served after the first descent on the river (only 1 descent with the family rafting). It’s a good idea to have a snack before leaving for the trip. It is a simple lunch with a variety of sandwiches served with vegetables and juice. Dinner (included in the full days) is served after the 2nd decent on the river. On the menu, steak or salmon, served with salad, vegetables and rice or potatoes. For those with allergies or for vegetarians, please specify upon reservation and we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Where do I leave my things?

Either in your car or in the provided locker.

If I drive myself is there free parking and will they bring me back to my car?

Yes there is free parking at base camp. The rafting trip starts from base camp and heads upstream via bus. We return to base camp via the river.

Will I get wet of fall in?

Probably. Before getting on the water, those who want a rougher ride will be put in a different raft from those who want an easier ride. Even if you do not end up in the river, waves often wash over the entire raft. It’s all part of the fun.

How should I dress and what to bring?

Consult our What to wear information page.



Our Tremblant white water rafting activity offers Quebec’s most popular white water rafting trip for more than a quarter century. It’s an unbeatable one-day rafting adventure. The river rapids come up fast and furious in a cascade of ledges, drops and waves that are sure to thrill veterans and novices alike.

Our Tremblant white water rafting activity season usually opens in the Harrington Canyon when the spring flood is at its peak. During summer, we raft the challenging Seven Sisters that offer impressive continuous rapids. Our trips descend the best stretches of the river based on the current water levels.

You begin your day with a safety briefing. Once in your boat, an inflatable raft that can accommodate 6 to 9 people, your professional guide will practice basic rafting manoeuvres with you. Before each rapid, he will explain what to do and how to react. One of the Rouge River’s many advantages is having calm pools after each rapid, making the descent fun and diverse. Not only will you be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river but also its many sandy beaches. Between rapids are golden beaches and places for surfing the rafts, swimming, and floating in the current.

At the end of your day, a memorable photo and video presentation will capture the thrills and provide laughs. The classic Tremblant white water rafting activity includes 2 runs of the best rapids on the river (16 km), either the Harrington Canyon or Seven Sisters.

We provide bilingual guides, expert kayakers, state-of-the-art river equipment including rafts, helmets, high buoyancy life jackets, custom paddles, a wet suit and multi-media presentation of you rafting! This is a full day of rafting, including 2 runs of the rapids, lunch (sandwiches (chicken, ham, tuna, hummus), fruits and juice) and BBQ dinner (steak or salmon with potatoes and salad). Vegetarian option available (Chef's choice). Our amenities at the rafting center, such as the bar, shower, pool, hot tub, volleyball court, and dining room, provide everything you need to rest and recharge from your adventure.


What’s Sportyaking? It’s a sportyak for 2 people and the ultimate white water sport. It combines the thrills of rafting and the skills of kayaking. It’s perfect for guests who have canoeing and rafting experience and want to take on a new challenge.

We begin our day with a safety briefing. Then, under the supervision of our experienced kayaker guides, you will learn proper paddle techniques for entering and exiting against currents, recovering your own boat in a surf and facing the rapids of the Rouge River at full speed!

You’ll do two thrilling decents of the Rouge River, taking time between rapids to enjoy the scenery and have fun on the calmer sections of the river. A riverside picnic on a beach is part of the fun; sandwiches (chicken, ham, tuna, hummus), fruits and juice.

At the end of the day, you will return to basecamp where you'll have a hearty steak or salmon with potatoes and salad. Vegetarian option available (Chef's choice). Our amenities at the rafting center, such as the bar, shower, pool, hot tub, volleyball court, and dining room, provide everything you need to rest and recharge from your adventure.

We also offer a half day trip which includes just 1 descent of the river.

Know before you book :

  • Minimum 12 years old (youth rate is based on children 12 to 16 years old).
  • Youths aged 16 yrs – must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A parent must sign the release form for 17 year olds.
  • Rafting: Maximum 8 participants on each raft (10 participants is possible if there's lots of young kids).
  • Sportayking: Must have experience with canoeing and rafting.
  • Minimum 4 participants for rafting or sportyaking with transport. If we don't reach the minimum, we'll contact you the day before.
  • All participants must know how to swim.
  • Single participants can still reserve; if we don’t have other reservations, we will contact you 48h in advance to reschedule.
  • No expecting mothers.
  • This activity requires some physical exertion.

  • Know before you go:

  • Please dress appropriately for rafting or sportyaking See our What to wear section.
  • TO BRING: Closed-toe shoes, swimsuit, or clothes that dry quickly (no cotton), towels, sunscreen and glasses tether. *However, wetsuits are included and boots can be rented on site for $5.

  • Additional information :

  • Our base is 1 hour 15 minutes from Tremblant resort and 1 hour 15 minutes from Montreal or Ottawa (our rafting centre is between Ottawa and Montreal near the Ontario border). Transport from Tremblant resort available.
  • Duration: 4 hours of rafting. This is a full day. The total duration, including driving (or transportation) time, lunch, dinner and video presentation is about 10 hours.
  • Participants will meet at the base camp. Lockers on site to store personal effects.
  • In low season (May, Jun, Sep, Oct) we may cancel (rarely) if we can’t fill an entire raft. If we don’t have the minimum number of participants, the activity will not be offered.
  • It is possible to have access to our basecamp site (pool, spa, bars, restaurant), including 2 meals, without participating in our rafting activity. Please contact The Activity Centre directly at 819-681-4848.
  • For guests who choose to reserve in advance (recommended), directions to meeting points will be provided in your reservation by email. Otherwise, directions will be handed to you when you reserve at The Activity Centre.
  • Prices do not include taxes or mandatory resort royalty of 3% and may be subject to change without notice.
  • Rafting & Sportyak - Whitewater - Full-day
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