Rome Catacombs & Crypts Tour


Expert tour guide
Entry to the Roman Catacombs
Entry to the Capuchin bone crypt (Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars)
Visit to the aqueducts & Appian Way
Air-conditioned transportation between sites

Rome is a city that has built and rebuilt upon itself for thousands of years. Our Roman Catacombs & Crypts tour is designed to take you deep down into the layers of Roman history in order to uncover the spell-binding story of this city through the ages. We do so in the most dramatic way possible; by exploring the underground cemeteries and temples that once housed many of the city’s dead and its most mysterious cult, a guaranteed thrill for adults and children alike. The tour starts in one of the city’s most interesting catacombs. The catacomb contains miles of tunnels and the world’s oldest collection of bones. Your expert guide, hand-picked for knowledge of the catacombs, will lead your small group through these wonderfully historic and atmospheric tunnels, while telling you the story of early Christianity. Large groups simply can’t fit into these areas, so take advantage of this truly unique access. Next, you’ll head to one of the most singular and spine-tingling sights in Rome, the Capuchin bone crypt. The cemetery festooned with the bones and remains of some 4,000 Capuchin friars is a jaw-dropping display of life and death. Although it might appear macabre, you’ll learn why the monks actually consider the display life affirming. We provide all entrance tickets and comfortable, air-conditioned transport between sites, so your only responsibility is to immerse yourself in the thrills and wonder of underground Rome. Our expert guides have been hand-picked for this experience based on both their knowledge and love of history. They make the perfect escorts through our eeriest and most mysterious tour.

Rome Catacombs & Crypts Tour
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