VIP Emily in Paris Walking Tour

Embark on an enchanting journey through the magical world of "Emily in Paris" as you step into the shoes of the iconic character herself. Our VIP tour will immerse you in the glitz and glamour of the hit TV show, showcasing the beauty of the City of Light and the dazzling adventures of Emily Cooper. From her charming apartment to the most iconic Parisian locations featured in the series, this tour is a dream come true. Specially included in this tour is a glass of bubbles with breathtaking views and top it all off with an exclusive perfume-making workshop in the legendary Perfume Museum, featured in the show. Channel your inner Emily as you create a signature scent of your own and carry home a piece of Paris with you!

Our adventure begins on the left bank, where you'll visit Emily's Parisian apartment. Step into her fashionable world, and relive some of the most memorable moments from the show. Feel like an influencer as you explore her charming neighborhood and capture the essence of Emily's Parisian life. Wander the vibrant streets of Paris with your guide, who will share fascinating insights about the show's locations. Stroll by the Seine, visit the charming boulangeries, and capture Instagram-worthy photos at the iconic spots where Emily herself experienced the magic of the city. Experience the grandeur of Paris like Emily Cooper! We'll take you to a secret rooftop location with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and the city's skyline. Raise a glass of bubbles in a toast to your unforgettable journey and savor the glamour of the Parisian skyline.

Your VIP tour concludes with a visit to the Perfume Museum, an iconic location featured in "Emily in Paris." Channel your inner Emily as you create a signature scent of your own during an exclusive perfume-making workshop. Learn the art of fragrance blending and carry home a piece of Paris with you, just like Emily did in the show. As you savor the delightful aromas and explore the enchanting world of perfume, you'll understand why Paris is a city that truly captures the senses. Our VIP Emily in Paris Tour is the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of the show and experience the magic of Paris in a way that will leave you feeling as stylish and glamorous as the show's beloved character. Book your spot on this exclusive tour and become a part of the "Emily in Paris" story today!

A stroll around Paris in the footsteps of Emily in Paris
Lunch Stop (cost not included)
One glass of sparkling wine
Mini Perfume Museum Tour
Perfume making workshop
Shopping experience in Fragonard
Local expert Guide
Hotel Pick Up
VIP Emily in Paris Walking Tour
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