Day with a Woodsman

Experience a day with a woodsman who will share his passion for animals and for the traditional native techniques that were once used for trapping.

Fishing gear
Snowshoes during winter
Summer lunch : Trout, corn or potatoes, fruit and water
Winter lunch : Trout, pea soup, corn or potatoes, dessert and coffee or tea.
Transport from Tremblant resort
Important Information
Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch varies depending on the season, look at the activity description for the details.

Is the activity appropriated for kids?

Yes, as long as the minimum age requirement is met. The child must be able to walk in the forest and spend the day outside.

What should we bring?

We recommend that you bring a backpack with water or juice and a snack. You can also bring a change of clothes in case of rain during summer and warm clothes for winter.

Can I bring home the fish I Caught?

Yes. Each participant can get one fish. You can either eat it onsite or bring it back home.

Is prior experience Necessary?

No, this is a beginner-oriented activity. However, it can be adapted to suit participants who have previous survival experience and wish to learn new techniques.


Summer (May 1 to November 15)

Our full-day summer excursion includes several unique activities. You'll start by learning how to hand-fish in a clear mountain stream. If you're lucky, you will catch your lunch! Then you'll head to our Athabascan Wood Bison reserve, created to protect this endangered species, where you will learn about these animals and their amazing history.

Back at camp for lunch, you'll cook trout over a wood fire while our guide entertains with stories of 'les coureurs des bois.'

After lunch, you will participate in nature interpretation, looking for tracks and other signs of the wildlife living in the Laurentian forest. After that, you'll be taken to a sacred Native American ancestral site, erected by Dominique Rankin, Algonquin traditional chief. Our guide will explain their lifestyle as well as their different homes.

The day ends with a presentation on the different types of furs and habitats of the animals that live in the region. Nature education doesn't get better than this!

Winter (November 16 to April 30)

Our full-day winter excursion includes several unique activities. We start with ice fishing, where you'll have the chance to catch a brook or rainbow trout that you can bring home or cook for lunch! Fishing gear is provided.

Then you'll enjoy a traditional lunch back at camp, which includes pea soup, trout cooked on a wood stove, buttered potatoes, and sugar pie for dessert. Non-alcoholic drinks like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate are also included.

After lunch, you'll head out on snowshoes to look for animal tracks. You will explore fascinating wildlife habitats, including beaver dams, deer runs, wolf hunting grounds, partridges, snowy owls, coyotes, and Canadian lynx.

You will stop at an observation platform located at the top of our bison park, offering a great views of the Laurentian mountains. Next, you'll visit the first Athabascan wood bison reserve in Quebec, created to protect and study these animals classified as an endangered species. Then, we take you to a sacred Native American ancestral site erected by Dominique Rankin, Algonquin traditional chief. Our guide will explain their lifestyle as well as their different homes.

The day will end with a visit to the kennel where you can enjoy playing with the sled dogs and learn all about the life of these fantastic canine athletes. Back at the chalet, a hot drink will be served.

Know before you book :

  • 8 years old minimum.
  • Minimum 2 adult participants or 1 adult and 2 children to start a tour.
  • Maximum 12 participants.

  • Know before you go:

  • Bring a backpack with water and snacks.
  • Please dress appropriately for your day with a woodsman. Ask if you are unsure or see our What to wear section.

  • Additional information :

  • Our base is 40 minutes from Tremblant resort and approximately a 2-hour drive from Montreal and Ottawa.
  • Duration: Approximately 5 hours.
  • Wear clothing suitable for hiking. In winter, make sure you have warm clothing as well.
  • Departures in French : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Departures in English : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • For guests who choose to reserve in advance (recommended), directions to meeting points will be provided in your reservation by email. Otherwise, directions will be handed to you when you reserve at The Activity Centre.
  • Prices do not include taxes or mandatory resort royalty of 3% and may be subject to change without notice.
  • Day with a Woodsman
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