Small Group VIP Versailles Bike Tour

Ride All Around Versailles with this VIP Bike Tour
This is the ultimate way to see everything that Versailles has to offer! Many people venture to this 16th century palace to marvel at the ornate gold furnishings, or the plush, velvet-lined walls of the corridors. But Versailles has hidden secrets throughout it’s 2,000 acres, and we’ll see it all on this tour!
You’ll meet your guide near a train station in Paris for this short 23 minute journey to Versailles. Located just 17km/10 miles from Paris, this journey will give you the opportunity to get to know your guide, relax and take in the scenery of the suburbs. Your bikes will be ready and waiting for you once you reach the town of Versailles, and it’s just a short ride away to the open-air market where we’ll collect a picnic lunch.
The market is another great opportunity to partake in French culture. This market has repeatedly been voted the most beautiful in the Parisian region, and for good reason. Amid flower stalls and local crafts you’ll find the crux of our agenda; delicious bread, produce, cheese and meat, and wine! Your guide will give you helpful hints to navigate the market, and you’ll have some time to collect all of the trappings of a picnic fit for a King, or Queen! With our picnics in hand, or in the baskets of our comfortable bikes, we’ll make our way onto the grounds of Versailles. We will stop near the tapis vert and walk into the formal gardens where you can marvel at the historic fountains accompanied by classical French music. Then it’s back to the bikes for a leisurely ride around the Grand Canal, a man-made aquatic cross lined by perfectly manicured trees; the perfect setting for our picnic.
Once we find a suitable spot, we will stop for a leisurely picnic in the grass. Your guide will provide you will all of the picnic accessories that you need, and continue to give you information on the park and history of Versailles as you enjoy the local delicacies that you’ve procured. It’s always difficult to leave such a perfect setting, but we’ll still have a lot of ground to cover after lunch, so it’s off to the Trianons and the Hameau; the playland of Marie-Antoinette. As you walk around this area, known as the Domaine of Marie Antoinette, you’ll have a chance to see where the Kings and Queens of France went to relax from all the hustle and bustle of the palace. These smaller, still highly decorated buildings, offer a view into the world of the French royals.
After visiting every corner of the grounds, we’ll make our way to the chateau for a behind-the-scenes entry into the private apartments of King Louis XV. Away form the crowds, led by a licensed palace guide, you’ll have exclusive access to the palace whilst learning about royal life in the 17th & 18th centuries. Afterwards, you can continue on to the famed Hall of Mirrors, see all of the royal bedrooms on display, and revisit the formal gardens before venturing back to Paris.
If you require children's bikes (24", 20", baby seats, trailers, or tandems) and they are not available at the time of check-out, please let us know in the 'comments' section of your booking so that we can contact you to ensure your reservation. There is no additional charge for these.

Small Group VIP Versailles Bike Tour
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