Q: So what exactly is HOP-ON, HOP-OFF?

In simple terms, hop-on, hop-off means you can jump on and off our bus tour at any of our designated stops, as many times as you wish. Your bus ticket is valid for travel on any of our 3 routes. Each route is a circular route (loop). So eventually, you get back to your starting point. You can get off at any of the stops along the way, explore and show the same ticket to get on the next passing bus to continue the loop. Our hop-on, hop-off Cape Town bus tours give you the flexibility to plan your day, your way. You can choose to stay on board the entire route and let us take you for a scenic spin, or hop-off at the destinations you want to further explore. Once you've seen it, done it and selfied it, you simply wait for the next bus to come along to rejoin the tour

Q: How many hop-on and off stops are there?

There are over 30 City Sightseeing bus stops around the Cape Town tour routes

Q: Where can I buy a ticket for the tour?

The cheapest tickets will always be found right here on our website, but you can also purchase tickets from one of our tour offices (at the V&A, in front of the Aquarium or in downtown Cape Town at 81 Long Street) or on our buses, and from most hotel concierges

Q: Is there a commentary available in my language?

Tune in to our fantastic pre-recorded commentary on all our open top bus tours and our boat trips. Discover facts and stories about Cape Town from our entertaining virtual guide, available in 15 languages including:
Afrikaans, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Manderin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Zulu & the kids channel in English
Listen in via a pair of new headphones, which you get free (and keep) when when you board the bus - or feel free to bring your own.

Q: Where can I start my tour?

We recommend that you start on from one of our two tour offices, the Main Stop being at the V&A, in front of the Aquarium or in downtown Cape Town at 81 Long Street. Our routes and our timetables are designed to ensure that the very last bus will always get you back to one of these stops. You can however get on the buses at any of the stops along the route - but please make sure you familiarise yourself with the departure time of the last bus that can return you to such a stop. If you are unsure, please check with one of our team members on the day.

Q: At what time do tours start and how often do the buses run?

Check our tour timetable online to see the most up to date starting times and bus frequencies

Q: When will the next bus arrive?

Log onto our live bus tracking by scanning the QR code on the bus stop or via our website and never miss a bus with live arrival times. Spend a little longer sipping that latte, browsing the museum or taking that all-important selfie, then simply arrive 5 minutes early at the bus stop. Save memory-making minutes on your city adventure.

Which ticket do I need to buy to get on the Blue Route?

The Classic, Premium and DeLuxe tickets are all valid on all loops. We do not sell route (loop) specific tickets. Our tickets are all time based tickets.
1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day on the buses. So your most cost effective ticket for a single loop is the 1 Day valid Classic Ticket

Are the Blue Route buses blue?

All our buses are RED in colour! But on the front and next to the passenger door is an electronic destination board which will allow you to see what route the bus is following. (Red City Tour, Blue Mini Peninsular Tour or Purple Wine Tour)

Q: If we purchase online, when and how do we get tickets?

After payment, you will receive a bar code by email. On the day of your tour, simply present this on your mobile phone (or by printing it out) and our team members will print your boarding pass. It's that easy!! Once the boarding pass is printed, you will use this to travel for the duration of the tour. Don't lose it, it's like gold (cash) and cannot be replaced

Q: Can I purchase a ticket on the bus

Yes, you can hop on at any of our designated stops and get your tickets from the driver. All of our drivers have credit card machines so they are equipped to take cash or card. We do have ticket offices at the V&A, in front of the Aquarium and in downtown Cape Town at 81 Long Street. Your'e welcome to visit these at any time for assistance

Q: Is there a discount for purchasing in advance?

Yes, our online tickets are cheaper than in destination tickets purchased on our buses or in our shops

Q: Is the online ticket valid for the chosen date only?

Unless you have purchased a reduced price or special ticket, the standard hop-on hop-off ticket you buy online can be presented for 14 days from the date you chose during your purchase . You will present this on the first day of your tour and we will hand you a printed boarding pass which is then valid for the duration of the ticket option you chose. Classic (1 Day) or Premium (2 Day) or De Luxe (3 Day)
Tickets bought for one of our Explorer Day Tours are linked to a specific date, departure point and departure time.

Q: Do the Hop On - Hop Off bus tickets include the attraction entrance fees

No they don't but the bus ticket offers discounts at a number of attractions.
We do however have the Cape Town Pass options for you which include the bus and attractions entrances

Q. On the Hop-On Hop-Off bus or on the boat, am I guaranteed a seat if I have a ticket?

Our seating is available on a first-come first-serve basis. We do increase our departures during peak season to accommodate increased interest, but unfortunately seating can not be guaranteed for any specific departure or pick up location.

Q: If I book an Explorer Day tour - is my seat guaranteed?

Yes, on our Day Tours, seating is guaranteed provided you have pre-booked. We encourage this as we operate these tours in luxury, air-conditioned tour vehicles with limited seating and we don't want to disappoint anybody!

Q: What is the duration of the open top bus tours?

Red City Tour: 90 minutes, Blue Mini Peninsula Tour: 140 minutes, Purple Wine Tour: 30 minutes.

Q: How many hop-on and off stops are there?

There are over 30 City Sightseeing bus stops around the Cape Town tour routes

Q: Can I tell which route each bus is on?

Yes, its very easy! All buses are red in colour but they all have destination signs on display at the front of the bus and on the left hand side next to the front door of each bus that will tell you which Route the bus is doing.

Q: Do your tours operate all year round?

Yes. Rain or shine (and its not bad when it rains as we make sure we send buses that have some cover over the front part of the upper deck and turn the heaters on below). So we operate throughout the whole year (with the exception of selected dates shown in the timetable )

Q: Can we join the tour at any stop?

Yes, the tour commentary is associated to the stops, so if you stay on the bus for a full circular loop you will always hear the full commentary.

Q: How is it best to use the hop-on and off feature?

If you are unfamiliar with the city of Cape Town we recommend you take one complete Red Route city circuit and listen to the commentary. You can then decide which places of interest you may want to visit, so you can hop-off to see them up-close to then hop back on the bus. You can take as many loops on the bus as you wish during the validity of your ticket

Q: Will we be able to recognise the bus stops?

Yes, our red bus stops have clearly branded timetable boards reflecting which route you are on and what times you may expect a bus and a link to the live bus tracking

Q: Do your buses or boats take me to Robben Island?

No, Robben Island can only be reached by Robben Island ferry boat, operated by Robben Island themselves and departing from the Nelson Mandela Gateway. The Red City Tour does offer a Stop at the Clocktower precinct of the V&A Waterfront, a short walk from the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island, from where the ferries depart. We highly recommend that you purchase a Robben Island Ticket in advance as this trip is very popular.

Q: Do I get a free bus ticket on my birthday?

Sadly we do not offer this. You can however purchase a ticket here on our website.
KIDS BIRTHDAYS: You are able to register your child aged 4 -15 on our Kids Club and we will send them a free ticket on their birthday together with another kids ticket so your son or daughter can take a friend. Please note, that a kids club registration must be done a minimum of 15 days prior to the birthday in order for the free tickets to be sent. Tickets are sent 14 days ahead of the actual birthdate and can be used within 4 weeks from the date they are sent.

Q: Do the tour buses offer hotel pick up?

No, because we have to operate a tour route and schedules are agreed with the local authorities. However, usually the main hotels are situated close to a City Sightseeing bus stop.

Q: What is the child ticketing policy?

On the open top bus service: A child ticket is available for children between the ages of 4–17. Children aged 3 or under may travel free of charge. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
On the Explorer Day Tours: A child ticket is available for children between the ages of 2-11. Children aged under 2 may travel free of charge. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Do you have any offices where I can seek assistance

Yes, at the V&A Waterfront, in front of the Aquarium and in downtown Cape Town at 81 on Long. Offices are open 8am-4pm year round (Later in summer)