72 hours
Get on and off the bus and explore Paris at your own pace
See Paris' top sights
Stunning views and photo opportunities
Comfort and safety in open top double decker bus
Key facts about Paris through audio guide for adults and children
Themed walkings tours included in your ticket
Explore the capital at your own pace
Enjoy breathtaking views and capture unforgettable moments
Discover the city in a responsible way - your panoramic bus tour is planet friendly!
Receive key information about Paris through the audioguides for adults and children
Visit the Versailles Palace and admire all the wonders of this World Heritage monument.
Enjoy a return ride to Versailles by coach
Explore the Estate of Versailles at your pace
Admire all the wonders of this World Heritage monument
Download the Versailles Palace app and listen to the audio guide including key information about the Palaces and the gardens