Berlin City Bike Tour

Experience Popular Berlin Sites with Our City Bike Tour
Our Berlin City Bike Tour is packed full of great Berlin sites and fascinating stories and anecdotes delivered by our fun and engaging guides. We like to think this is one of the best tours in town as we have been perfecting it for more than ten years! If this is your first time in Berlin this tour is a great way to kick things off as we will cover all of Berlin’s must-see sites and introduce you to more than 800 years of the city’s history. If you’ve been to Berlin before we think you will still enjoy this tour and be impressed by how much more you can learn from our guides. It’s comprehensive and fun, and our guides make sure that you have a great time while touring at an easy pace. There is plenty of time for taking pictures, asking questions, and even a great break at one of our favorite beer gardens!
Themes discussed during the tour: Berlin’s founding, Prussian Berlin, The rise of Hitler and the Nazi years, wartime Berlin, post-war Berlin and the division of Germany, and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall.
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Berlin City Bike Tour
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