Our story

Urban Adventures was launched by Intrepid Travel in October 2009, with the purpose of creating a new, innovative style of single-day travel experiences. These tours take travellers away from touristic norms to local areas, where they can really connect with a destination and its people.

We are committed to making tourism a win-win for all. Not only should travellers come away with deep, unique, and memorable perspectives of a destination, but local guides should be fairly compensated for sharing their stories, and the local independent vendors visited should also be rewarded by the benefits of tourism.

Our travellers are given a thoroughly authentic local experience, from the very people who call a city home. Imagine a day out with a good friend, showing you all their favourite hot spots and hangouts. Our guides are dedicated to giving you the Best. Day. Ever., wherever you are in the world.

Being welcomed into communities like this is like being at the forefront of discovery again in a world with less and less ‘off-the-beaten-tracks.’ We don’t make decisions based on data, we make decisions based on first-hand information from our local guides and operators on the ground, in-destination. They’re the ones who tell us what needs to happen, how communities want to be engaged, and how we can make a positive impact with our travels.

Today we are 100% owned by Intrepid, the world's largest B-Corporation certified travel company, and are truly a global company with teams in cities around the world. We have hundreds of local guides and unique itineraries that take travellers behind the scenes of a destination to reveal hidden secrets and local hot-spots through the eyes of a local.